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About Multiply

The best way to share everything
Multiply gives you an easy way to share all kinds of digital media, including photos, blogs, videos, music and more, all in one convenient place: your own personal web site. With Multiply, you can share and discuss your stuff with everyone in your “social network,” and also be alerted whenever they have something new.

What I like about Multiply is the messages page that lets me know when someone’s written something. Getting notified about friends’ posts makes blogging work. If I had to remember to check out someone’s blog‚Ķ well, I just wouldn’t be seeing their blog very often. I also like having pics, blogs, etc. all in one spot.”

One home for all of your stuff
Your personal web site on Multiply – http://YOURNAME.multiply.com – is the one place where you can share many different types of content. No longer do you, or your friends and family, need to learn how to use separate sites (and keep track of separate IDs, passwords, and links). Multiply lets you do all of the following:

  • post digital photos, videos and music
  • publish your own blog
  • schedule events and parties on your social calendar
  • share movie or restaurant reviews

A built-in audience of people who want to hear from you

What good is sharing if there’s no one around to see it? Multiply keeps track of who knows whom in your social network, and this allows us to automatically notify these people when you put a new photo album, video or anything else on Multiply. Everyone gets their own personal message board that lets them know when someone in their network is sharing something new. There is no need to send big, annoying e-mails notifying people every time you put something on your site, and nobody has to remember to constantly check each others’ sites to make sure they haven’t missed something. Multiply does all of this for you

“I could blog on LiveJournal or MySpace, try to sell the Mac any number of places, post reviews on Epinions, and put my calendar on .Mac. I don’t like having to log into a separate site for every single thing I want to do. It’s much easier to have things in one place, and of the “one stop” sites out there, Multiply is the best implemented and least prone to having problems.”

Get feedback!

When you blog or upload photos or videos on other sites, a few people may notice, but that’s about it. Each time you add something on Multiply, we create a thread on your personal message board and give access to all of the people you choose. This makes it easy for your friends and family to give you feedback and it turns your content into fun and lively discussions. Our exclusive Live RepliesTM even let you follow the discussions in real-time, similar to how IM or a chat room works. You’ve never been able to keep in touch with everyone in your life in such an easy way.

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

With one convenient place to share and discuss your photos, videos, blogs, music, reviews, events and more, and an automatic way to see what’s new with people you know, Multiply makes it fun to keep in touch. Your Multiply site comes with free unlimited storage space, so you can make it the permanent home for all of your stuff.